Slank and Mathias Muchus Support Ride for Borneo 2014

ProFauna Indonesia's next campaign for the Bornean forest and orangutan, the Ride for Borneo 2014, received many supports from Indonesian celebrities for instance Slank's drummer ,Bimbim, and Indonesia's famous senior actor, Mathias Muchus. The two public figures have been known for their concern for environmental issues, and they have also been a long time supporter of ProFauna. Knowing that ProFauna's activists are preparing to go on another campaign tour across Borneo, they express their support:

Mathias muchus dukung Ride for borneo"My friends who will be on the Ride for Borneo 2014 team, I do actually want to go with you. However, I think it is not the right time for me, so I only could wish you all the best in your effort to protect our nature. I am so inspired and moved to know that there are people who still care about the importance of conserving the nature. Good luck for your trip, Ride for Borneo carries a noble message for all of us. Once again, this is very impressive!" - Mathias Muchus





Bimbim, Slank's drummer and founder, who has supported ProFauna since 2002, said:

Slank dukung Ride for Borneo"Keep your spirits high, fight for the nature of Indonesia! Keep PLUR (Peace,Love, Unity, Respect)! Go ProFauna, no retreat!!" 


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