Sea Turtles and Eagle Confiscated in West Java

The Natural Resource Conservation Agency of West Java confiscated illegally traded sea turtle hatchlings from Muara Market, Bandung (4/3/2015). Officers raided the market as a follow up on a report from the activists of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) West Java a while ago. Beside the hatchlings, officers also found a Changeable Hawk-eagle on sale.

PROFAUNA's activist from West Java, Radius Nursidi, said "PROFAUNA appreciates the agency's quick response in cracking down on illlegal wildlife trade."

Based on PROFAUNA's observation, the trade of sea turtle hatchlings occur in several markets, that are Muara and Sukajadi markets, in Bandung. In Muara market, there were three shops selling hatchlings for IDR 30,000 each. It is suspected that the hatchlings came from Sukabumi.

"All sea turtle species is protected by the law, thus anybody trading this animal is liable to 5 years of prison," concluded Radius.


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