PROFAUNA Promotes Primate Protection at Global Jaya School, Jakarta

Activists of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia visited Global Jaya School, Jakarta to have an educational session on primate protection (21/1/2015). On the occasion, PROFAUNA showed movies about the cruelty and criminal acts behind primate trade. The movies seemed to enchant the fifty 4-graders.

The students were very enthusiastic knowing that PROFAUNA is coming to their school, as shown by their eagerness to raise questions and state their opinion during the discussion. One of them even share about her idea to have a fundraising event for PROFAUNA.

The program was carried out by 4 activists: Kinanti Wicaksono, Marsudi, Rudy, and Abas. It becomes a part of Indonesian Primate Day celebration, which is celebrated on 30 January every year.  More about Indonesian Primate Day here:


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