PROFAUNA Installs Anti Parrot Poaching Banners at South Halmahera Seaport

PROFAUNA's activists, Ekawati Ka'aba and Afrizal Abdi, installed anti parrot poaching banners at a public seaport in Saketa village, Gane Barat, South Halmahera, on Friday (22/7/2017).  The banner installation was also supported by Ternate Nature Conservation Agency.

"It is important that we put these banners around the seaport because Saketa village considering this area is in the parrot trade route in South Halmahera," said Ekawati, the coordinator of PROFAUNA North Maluku.

Following the installation of the banners, local people who passed by the location stopped and read the content. They took the message seriously, and asked Eka about the issue.

"What if I already have one at home?" asked a man.

Eka explained that he should hand over the bird he keeps to the Nature Conservation Agency to be rehabilitated and released.

The banners also attracted other locals, especially the part saying that capturing, carrying, and trading parrots are forbidden by law.

"This is a very good step towards the people's better understanding of the importance of parrot protection, especially the ones endemic to North Maluku. We have never had such information before about this issue," said Mustafa, one of the workers at the seaport.

Some of the locals said that they frequently see vessel workers carrying parrots in large number, usually in boats transporting household amenities departing for Babang village, Baan Timur regency.

In March 2017, Gane Barat Police Department confiscated parrots from Hasrat Jaya vessel from Saketa. 47 parrots were seized from the boat upon harboring at Babang.

Saketa village has several seaports, including ferry and speedboat ports. This village is also a tugboat station. Without adequate surveillance, smugglers could easily transport parrots outside.

Educating Local People

Following the banner installation, PROFAUNA's team conducted an education program at Saketa village chief's office. Afrizal Abdi, PROFAUNA's campaign officer, said that the education program was held because the local people would like to discuss further about parrot protection issue in North Maluku.

"If you would like to know more about parrot protection, please come to the chief's office this evening, we will discuss this together," announced Afrizal after answering several questions on site.

For the past few months, PROFAUNA has been conducting education program around South Halmahera regency to raise people's awareness and understanding so that they would take active participation in the protection efforts of North Maluku's endemic parrots, the White Cockatoo (Cacatua alba) and Chattering Lory (Lorius garrulus).

"Both of these endemic birds are threatened due to illegal poaching and trade, so it needs people's participation to prevent them from going extinct," concluded Afrizal. 

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