PROFAUNA Donates HTs for Laskar Hijau

Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia donated 2 units of handy-talkie (HT) radio communication devices to support the activities of Laskar Hijau ('Green Troops'), a local community who works hard for the protection of the forest at the slopes of Mt. Lemongan in Lumajang, East Java. The HTs were delivered by PROFAUNA's campaign officer, Swasti Prawidya Mukti, directly to the leader of Laskar Hijau, A'ak Abdullah Al Kudus on 20 July 2014 at the group's basecamp.

We hope that the HTs could help Laskar Hijau's efforts, particularly in having coordination and ensuring the security of their area. PROFAUNA as a partner is highly committed to support local communities who are willing to protect the forest and wildlife around their neighborhood. "We really appreciate and would like to assist local communities and groups who are willing to independently protect the forest and wildlife around them, because public participation is essential in nature conservation," said Swasti.

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