PROFAUNA Donates HT for the Rangers of Wehea Forest

Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia continues to give intensive assistance for the rangers of Wehea protection forest, in East Borneo. This ranger team is called Petkuq Mehuey (PM). In addition to having reinforcement for the ranger personnel and also the customary institution, PROFAUNA also provide handy-talkies (HT) for the rangers, to support their daily forest guarding activity.

The HTs come really handy in making their communication more effective, because mobile phone would not work in the forest inhabited by 61 mammals species. The members of PM were very glad upon receiving the HTs because they have been in need of better communication devices to improve their coordination in guarding the forest. As an initial measure, PROFAUNA donates 5 HTs.

Since 2014, PROFAUNA has become a partner of the customary institution of Wehea Nehes Liah Bing. We work together in order to protect and preserve the 38,000-hectares forest. More about our partnership here:


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