PROFAUNA Collaborates with Laskar Hijau to Save the Forest in Mt. Lemongan

Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) instigated a partnership with Laskar Hijau (means "Green Troops") community who has been working very zealously in preserving the forest in Mt. Lemongan, Lumajang regency, East Java. The partnership's beginning was marked by a Breadnut tree planting at PROFAUNA's nature conservation education center in Petungsewu village, Dau district, Malang regency last Sunday (1/6/2014). Before the planting, representatives of both parties have signed a MoU. PROFAUNA was represented by the chairman, Rosek Nursahid, while Laskar Hijau was represented by its head, A'ak Abdullah Al Kudus.

A'ak, who has been toiling for Mt. Lemongan since 2006 stated, "We gladly welcome this partnership with PROFAUNA. We hope that this could strengthen the movement to save the nature of Mt. Lemongan."

PROFAUNA's chairman, Rosek Nursahid, added, "The efforts done by Laskar Hijau to preserve the forest of Mt. Lemongan are extraordinary, and we totally agree that it must be supported. Also, it is parallel to PROFAUNA's policies: support local communities."

On the occasion, Rosek Nursahid also declared that PROFAUNA will be providing assistance for Laskar Hijau in form of educations, trainings, campaigns, and also financial support.

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