Photos of the Looting in Sendiki Protected Forest, Malang Regency

The looting in Sendiki Protected Forest, Sumbermanjing Wetan Subdistrict, Malang Regency in East Java -Indonesia, continues to occur rampantly. Monitoring by PROFAUNA Indonesia on 9 January 2020 shows that the looting activities still take place. The team found a tree with more than 50-centimeter diameter has been chopped down and the log is cut into approximately 2 meter pieces.

The video of the looting on Sendiki Protected Forest can be viewed at the following link: The Looted Sendiki Forest

"Illegal logging at Sendiki must be stopped immediately, because it clearly violates the law and also threatens the availability of clean water sources needed by the local community," said Erik Yanuar, campaigner for PROFAUNA Indonesia.

The following are some photos of the condition of Sendiki Protected Forest, one of the few remaining natural forests in Southern Malang, East Java:

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