Orangutan Burner Arrested!

Good news, the suspected killer and burner of a primate assumed to be an orangutan finally got arrested by the Police of Kotawaringin Barat and the Natural Resource Conservation Agency. PROFAUNA highly appreciates the rapid response from the bodies on following up this case.

Here is a news from Kompas.com (24 June 2015) on the suspect's arrest:

KOMPAS.com - The chase for the killer and burner of an orangutan in Borneo by the Natural Resource Coservation Agency finally culminates in an identification of the suspect, Tuesday (23 June 2015).

Conservation Director of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Bambang Dahono Aji, on Wednesday (24 June 2015) stated to Kompas, "The suspect who uploaded the photos of the killing and burning was arrested las night at 22.30."

Suspect is currently stiil on custody, at the station of the Police of Kotawaringin Barat. Investigation so far has revealed that the owner of Facebook account named Polo Panitia Hari Kiamat did not do the burning. "He admitted that he only uploaded the photos," said Bambang.

The burner's initial is DBU, while the photos uploader's initial is LAK. The police claimed to have arrested DBU as well.

Such case of orangutan killing is not the first to occur. On 2011, orangutan slaughter took place in East Borneo. In many cases, orangutans were killed because they are consider pests for the plantation, especially palm oil.

This particular case arose after LAK uploaded photos of a man killing and burning an orangutan, captioned "Served for dinner" and "Will put some soy sauce on it."

Activists, animal lovers, and general nitizens bashed the act. Kristian Hasmadi Lung Eng pringatan, a netizen from Wehea, East Borneo, wrote "Whoever he is, he will totally  face the customary law of Wehea, as well as the national law".

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