Ocean Ambassadors, Young People Caring for the Marine Ecosystem of Berau

It is not quite easy nowadays to be concerned, let alone to take action, of our environment. Good news is, ignorance no longer exist among a group of youngsters in Berau, East Borneo, who have been selected as Ocean Ambassadors.

The Ocean Ambassadors of Berau is a group of young people who are committed to take care of the marine ecosystem in Berau. The group was initiated by the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Service of Berau, and currently consists of 14 members.

The ambassadors come from various background, from students to workers. Before they go public to give education on marine conservation, the ambassadors received an intensive training from the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Service of Berau, Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA), and JALA Fishers Network.

"As a native of Berau, I am very sorry to see that the marine ecosystem here has been highly dirturbedby human activities. I wish to be able to educate the people, particularly students, about marine conservation," said Rivaldy, one of the Ocean Ambassadors.

Following the training, the ambassadors visited schools to hold educational programs. The first one was in SMA 2 Berau on 26 March 2016, which was attended by 50 students. On the occasion, the ocean Ambassadors talked about sea turtles and the Derawan Islands Coastal Park, which was enthusiastically responded by the audience.

"Educational program like this is very important to raise awareness, especially in early ages, to make sure that they have the awareness towards marine conservation in Berau," said Bayu Sandi, the coordinator of PROFAUNA Borneo.

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