The Main Donor of ProFauna Conference 2013

By: Rosek Nursahid (Chairman ProFauna Indonesia)

Sponsor ProFauna Conference 2013

ProFauna Conference is a biennial event of ProFauna Indonesia, which is also one of the biggest because it involves ProFauna's supporters from different regions and countries who will gather in Malang, where ProFauna is based. They will stay for three days, during which they are going to share their knowledge, experience, and spirit of nature conservation. The total fund needed to hold such event is approximately IDR 100 million for meals, accommodation, and transportation fees of the speakers and participants.

That is quite some amount of money for ProFauna, which is not a well-off organization. We got actions, but not so much of money.  Looking for sponsorship for this event is not an easy job, for such event is not favorable for business. So how does ProFauna manage to keep working on the event?

Worries disappear when we finally got a single sponsor who agrees to support ProFauna Conference 2013, and this sponsor apparently had supporter every ProFauna Conference since the first time it was held in 2000. Amazingly, this sponsor does not demand anything in return. No logo displaying, no publication, just nothing. That sponsor with a heart of gold is ...

ProFauna Indonesia's supporters!

Yes, ProFauna Conference is solely sponsored by our supporters. Unlike the other conferences that give the participants some amount of money as a "transportation fee", here our participants are required to give some donations. The donation is quite little, only IDR 100.000, which will be used to cover the conference kit, accommodation and meals. Surprisingly, we receive a lot more than that. Many of the supporters have donated more than IDR 100.000; even some gave more than 1 million!

A day after the invitations were sent to selected supporters, Niar, ProFauna's staff in charge of the participants told me that there is a supporter who wants to donate IDR 2 million for ProFauna Conference. This is amazing!

ProFauna's supporters from the US, Germany, Medan, Aceh, North Maluku, Sulawesi, Bali, Jakarta, Borneo, and many other places will also join this event on their own transportation expenses. Imagine how much it will cost them just to get to Malang, not mentioning the time they have to spend.

I am very grateful and proud to feel this much of energy coming from ProFauna's supporters. It is not about the money, but about their commitment, loyalty, and awareness. I can only wish the best for all of them, may good fortunes always be upon them because they are all good people who care about the animals. In Islam, caring about other living beings is also a form of worship.

See you in ProFauna Conference, this 12-14 September 2013!


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