Indonesian Primate Day 2016

Out of 600 species and subspecies of primates in the world, over 40 species can be found in Indonesia. Sadly, a third of the world's primates are in Critically Endangered or Vulnerable state.

The list of 25 most endangered primates in the world for 2014-2016 released by the IUCN includes 3 Indonesian primates, ie the Sumatran Orangutan (Pongo abelii), Javan Slow Loris (Nycticebus javanicus), and Pig-tailed Langur (Simias concolor). This, though, does not mean that the other primate species in Indonesia are not threatened with extinction. In fact, almost all primates are prone to extinct due to habitat loss, trade, and poaching.

For the past 5 years, the trend of primate poaching has been sharply increasing. There are many reasons underlying this illicit act: to get the meat for sale or consumption up to doing it for sport and leisure. The drastic decrease of primate population in the wild has disrupted the ecosystem's balance, not to mention that it shows our lacking awareness and responsibility to conserve the nature.

Why primate poaching has to end?

  • More than 70% of Indonesian primates are on the verge extinction due to poaching
  • Most poachers hunt primates for sport or leisure. This violent behavior shows the failure of our environmental education system as well as the low morality of our nation
  • perburuan primata Some people kill primates because they think that primates are pests that damage their crops. In reality, it was human who invaded the primates' natural habitat and change the environment. Conflicts between human and primates should have been handled in better ways which do not immolate the primates' survival.
  • The massive number of social media user in Indonesia has driven people to post photos of their daily activities, including their primate hunting activities. Photos revealing cruelty towards animals is an inappropriate content for public display.
  • Studies show that people who like hunting animals, including primates, are more likely to commit crimes such as assaults and murder.

Indonesian Primate Day, a moment for primate conservation

logo hari primata Indonesia In Indonesia, both in formal education and social norms, any act of murder is a violation of law and ethics. However, it seems that many people still reckon that the principle only applies to human, although the law clearly mentions that hunting and killing protected wildlife species is a criminal conduct. Moreover, all religions in Indonesia command their disciples to take care of all lives on Earth.

The endangered primates cannot fight for their own survival. Therefore, active participation from the public is essential in protecting the primates from extinction.

Festivity of Indonesian Primate Day 2015

In 2015, Indonesian Primate Day was celebrated in over 50 different locations in 14 provinces in the country. There was even a campaign outside the country! The celebration was carried out in many different ways like education program, public campaign, and many more! All the events were held voluntarily and independently by concerned individuals ranging from students, teachers, housewives, youth communities, up to artists.

Indonesian Primate Day has become a moment that unites thousands of Indonesian people who are aware of the protection of primates. For those who are already concerned, this event proves that we are not alone, that there were lots of people who are ready to support each other in promoting primate protection in Indonesia.

Join the Celebration of Indonesian Primate Day 2016!

The Indonesian Primate Day will be celebrated again this year, with its peak on 30 January 2016. This year's theme is"Stop Primate Poaching". Show your concern for the survival of Indonesian primates with real actions, such as:

  • Staging campaigns in public spaces (city center, schools, universities, etc) by carrying Indonesian Primate Day 2016 posters
  • Conducting educational program about primate protection in schools, universities, or any other communities
  • Putting information boards prohibiting primate poaching in primate habitats near your house

PROFAUNA will provide campaign materials containing several poster designs (soft copies in .cdr format), designs of information board, and also an education pack. Feel free to create your own materials, but do not forget to put the messages on them! You can do the actions on your own or with your friends. Take your time, but please make it no later than 30 January 2016.

When you have finished your actions, send your photos to so that we can publish your actions in PROFAUNA's website and social media. You can also postt he photos on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), using #HariPrimata2016 hashtag.

Thousands of people have joined the Indonesian Primate Day in 2015, now it is your turn to put your concern into real actions! Be a part of anti-primate poaching movement!

For further information, please contact Asti by email at:, or mobile: +62 8563693611.

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