Indonesia Celebrates Primate Day 2015 at 50 Scenes!

Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia initiated Indonesian Primate Day in 2014, which is celebrated on 30 January every year. On its debut, the Indonesian Primate Day celebration was joined by hundreds people in 22 cities throughout the country.

This year, PROFAUNA once again PROFAUNA invites the public of Indonesia to celebrate the moment, and use it to raise awareness towards our responsibility as human to preserve wildlife, particularly primates. This year's theme is "Don't Buy Primates".

"This year, the Indonesia Primate Day is celebrated in more than 50 places in different cities. This is a good progress compared to las year's," said Swasti Prawidya Mukti, PROFAUNA Indonesia's campaign officer.

In Malang, East Java, PROFAUNA's activists celebrate Indonesian Primate Day on 29 January 2015 in front of the Mayor's Office by staging unique campaign. Three beautiful ladies carried a shopping carts with primate dolls inside. On the outer side of the acr, there were signs saying 'Not for Sale', means that primates should not be traded.

Indonesian primates are facing great threats due to habitat loss and illegal trade. In 2014 only, there were no less than 35 wildlife crime cases involving more than 400 primate individuals, handled by the police and covered by the press.

The number of uncovered cases is surely even higher. Based on PROFAUNA's observation, this phenomenon is mainly triggered by the growing number of people who want to buy and keep primates as pets. Among the primate species, the most desirable to be bought as pets are Slow Loris, Javan Langur, and Gibbons. These primates are sold for IDR 300,000-4 million.


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