Educational Games and Movie for Village Children around Yang Wildlife Reserve

Edukasi anak di sekitar suaka margasatwa dataran tinggi Yang

Children of Baderan village, Sumber Malang district, Situbindo regency, East Java, were indulged in outdoor games held by the activists of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia, on 5 September 2015. It was not just another paly time for them, because the games that they played contained educational values related to the protection of forest and the Javan Langur.

Ten activists of PROFAUNA mingled with the children and had some fun with them, who live in the closest village to Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve. The children were so energetic and excited during a game called "Losing Habitats", a game designed to give better understanding about the importance of forests as habitats of the Javan Langur.

That evening, PROFAUNA showed a short film entitled 'Forest and Javan Langur' in the front yard of the local Nature Conservation Agency's office. The movie session were lively, as it was attended by the village people and also students from SMAN (senior high school) 1 Suboh.

The movie session which was led by Swasti Prawidya Mukti went fruitfully as everybody paid much attention and was so enthusiatic during the dicussion. The discussion got warmer as PROFAUNA's founder, Rosek Nursahid, and a senior activist of PROFAUNA, Samsul (a.k.a Mbah Karjo) joined the crowd.

Mbah Karjo shared his experience when he volunteered fro the Javan Langur release in 2004, and followed by a brief explanation from Rosek Nursahid about the function of forest for animals and  people.

"Forest, local people, and wildlife is a unity that cannot be separated from each other," said Rosek in front of the young people attending the gathering that evening.

More info about Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve here:


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