East Java Natural Resource Conservation Center Center and PROFAUNA Indonesia Sign Cooperation to Protect Sempu Island Nature Reserve

cagar alam pulau Sempu

The East Java Center for Natural Resources Conservation (locally abbreviated as BBKSDA), Forestry Department,  signed a collaboration with PROFAUNA Indonesia for the protection of the flora, fauna and ecosystems in Sempu Island Nature Reserve, Malang Regency, East Java. The cooperation signed in January 2021 will further strengthen the cooperation between the center and PROFAUNA Indonesia which has been well established.

The Sempu Island Nature Reserve, covering an area of 877 ha, is an important nature reserve area, due to the variety of ecosystems and species inhabit the island. There are at least 80 bird species and 300 plant species recorded in the Sempu Island Nature Reserve.

For further information about the biodiversity of Sempu Island please go to the following link: Biodiversity of Sempu Island

cagar alam pulau Sempu

"Since the 1990s, PROFAUNA has carried out various activities related to the Sempu Island Nature Reserve, including a campaign to reject the Sempu Island Nature Reserve as a tourist destination. Now the signing of this cooperation will further strengthen the protection function in the Sempu Islad Nature Reserve with BBKSDA, "said Rosek Nursahid, Chairman of PROFAUNA Indonesia.

One of the challenges in Sempu Island Nature Reserve is the illegal tourism that still going on, despite the sharp decrease number of tourists due to the pandemic. According to the law, Sempu Island is not for tourism because it is a nature reserve.

Mamat Ruhimat, Head of the Probolinggo Region VI Conservation Section, in his conversation with the Chairperson of PROFAUNA Indonesia said, "We welcome this cooperation, because it has been a long time since the East Java BKSDA and PROFAUNA have created a synergy related to the protection of the Sempu Island Nature Reserve".

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