East Borneo and West Java Kicked Off Indonesian Primate Day 2016

Environmental activists in East Borneo and West Java kicked off the celebration of Indonesian Primate Day 2016, which has its peak on 30 January every year. Pungkas, an activist from Balikpapan, East Borneo, began with a public campaign act by carrying an anti primate poaching poster around Sepinggan airport, Balikpapan, on 21 January 2016. 

hari primata di Tanjung Redeb Berau Pungkas' action was followed almost immediately by another activist in Berau, East Borneo. Bayu Sandi visited schools in Tanjung Redeb, Berau, to talk about the conservation of primates and their habitat. The schools visited were SDN 002 Tanjung Redeb, SMK IT Integral Tanjung Redeb, and SDN 17 Tanjung Redeb.

PROFAUNA's activist in Sangatta, East Kutai, also joined the celebration of Indonesian Primate Day. Coordinated by Widya, they conducted an educational program on 24 January 2016, which is unique because they did it in a taekwondo martial art community.

hari primata di Sangata Movements also took place in West Java. Rinda and Nadya visited SMAN 8 Bandung to have an educational program on primate conservation. After that, they continued to have similar agenda at the secretariat of Aliansi Jurnalis Independen (AJI).

Thank you for the activists in East Borneo and West Java who have commenced the celebration of Indonesian Primate Day 2016! Let us see the upcoming actions from the other places.

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