Dayak Wihea People Welcomed ProFauna

The arrival of ProFauna's Ride for Borneo 2014 team at Wahao, Kutai Timur Regency, East Borneo in the beginning of May 2014 was marked by a warm welcoming ceremony by the Dayak Wihea people. As an expression of homage and respect, they held a traditional ceremony led by the chief of Nehes Liah Bing village, Ledjie Taq. On the occasion, the people bestowed special bead bracelets to each Ride for Borneo personnel as a symbol of brotherhood.

Ledjie Taq said "The bead bracelets is not simply a symbol of brotherhood, but also it would keep the team members safe from demon spirits." Ledjie Taq is very concerned about forest conservation, and he added "We hope that ProFauna's team will not encounter any obstacle and danger during their tour of duty in Borneo."

The village secretary, Siang Gelah, stated "We are very glad to have ProFauna in Wihea, and surely wish to be able to work together with them in protecting our forest." Siang Geah, who is also a member of the House of Representatives then claimed, "Even though our village is surrounded by forests, we are short of water here. This is inseparable from the forest loss, and absolutely do not want our water to disappear."

Profauna dan masyarakat Dayak Wihea "ProFauna is very honored and grateful to be cordially accepted by the Dayak Wihea people, and now that we have the bond ans one big family, we would certainly help them to protect the remaining forest in Borneo," said Rosek Nursahid, the founder of ProFauna Indonesia.

Rosek, who is also on the expedition team, added "Our journey around Borneo on dirtbikes has widened our perspectives about orangutan and forest-related issues in Borneo. This encourages us even more to protect them, for they play vital roles for the lives of the local people and the survival of the other wildlife species."

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