Customary Institution and PROFAUNA Installed Anti-Poaching Sign in Wehea Forest

Being protected by the customary law and safeguarded by rangers does not guarantee that the wildlife of Wehea forest, in Kutai Timur, East Kalimantan, is safe from poaching. The size of the forest coverage is far exceeding the ability and number of the ranger personnel, which creates opportunities for hunters to enter the forest and kill the animals.

Poachers encountered by PROFAUNA's rangers and PM rangers (formed by the customary institution, consists of local men), said that they did not know that the forest is protected by the customary institution and the government. In fact, there is actually no information provided about it around the forest. This becomes a justification for people with bad intentions to carry out their illicit activity.

To prevent further intervention, in June 2016 PROFAUNA and the customary institution of Dayak Wehea of Nehas Liah Bing village installed a number of signs around Wehea forest. Our rangers and volunteers were directly involved in the installation process.

The sign boards contain poaching prohibition and information about the protection status of the forest based on customary law. This information is important because there are many local people who are not aware that the forest is administered by the customary institution of Dayak Wehea.

Further information about Wehea forest here:

Below are some photos from the installation process:

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