Supports PROFAUNA for Indonesian Forest and Wildlife Conservation

A comfortable baby carrier brand, supports PROFAUNA for Indonesia's forest and wildlife conservation program. recently launched the carrier series called Bangga Indonesia (Indonesian Pride) featuring forest and wildlife theme. Some percentage of the sales will be donated to PROFAUNA Indonesia on regular basis.

Thiva, owner of said, "We launched the series because not only for baby comfort, but we want to add values, one of which is by supporting PROFAUNA that has worked for decades to protect Indonesian forests and wildlife"

Apart from the regular donations through the sales of the Bangga Indonesia (Indonesian Pride) series, also joined also the tree adoption in the forests guarded by PROFAUNA. The tree adoption program is a form active public engagement to support PROFAUNA in protecting the protected forests in Malang, East Java.

"We welcome and thank for the support to PROFAUNA. As a non-profit organization engaged in forest and wildlife conservation, PROFAUNA needs the support from the community, including corporates that care for the nature," said Rosek Nursahid, Chairman of PROFAUNA Indonesia.

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ProFauna Indonesia is an Indonesian society for the protection of
wild animals and their habitats