Activists Speak for Javan Langurs in Sidoarjo, east Java

Activists of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia supporter by IPPL staged a campaign to promote the protection of the Javan Langur last Sunday (26/4/2015). The activists, who come from various background from students to workers, staged a campaign in the car free day area of Sidoarjo, east Java, Indonesia.

The campaign was held to inform the general public about Javan Langur and its conservation issues, as this species is getting rare in its habitats. The people who spent their Sunday morning in the car free day area were excited to see PROFAUNA's activists as such campaign is uncommon in the city.

On the occasion, PROFAUNA's activists walked around Sidoarjo city park  carriying banners and posters telling people not to buy Javan Langurs and to let them live in their natural habitat. This campaign is expected to give better understanding for the people of Sidoarjo about the importance of Javan Langurs in the ecosystem.

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