Bird Campaign

What a Vet Says about Keeping Owls at Home

Owls, naturally nocturnal (active at night), are being increasingly popular as pets and attractions in tourist destinations and car free day areas.

Birdwatching Training for Rangers of Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve

PROFAUNA Indonesia held a short training on birdwatching for rangers stationed at Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve

Ternate Police Thwarted Smuggling Attempt of 120 Parrots

Police Department, in North Maluku, thwarted a smuggling attempt of 120 parrots in Ahmad Yani Seaport, Saturday

University Student Got Busted for Selling Eagle in Malang

The Nature Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of Malang, east Java arrested Ahmad Nurcholis (20) during a sting operation for selling a protected wildlife species in 

PROFAUNA’s Activist Rescued Traded Parrots in North Maluku

PROFAUNA's activist from North Maluku, Diman Abaela, along with Sri Haryati Hatari, Head of Agriculture and Forestry Council, rescued five Lorikeets from a dealer in Ternate

Parrot Smuggling Foiled in North Maluku, PROFAUNA Demands Better Security in the Birds’ Origin

North Maluku Water Police (NMWP) arrested four citizens of the Phillippines for a smuggling attempt of 212 endemic birds on Monday 


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