Wildlife and Forest Crime

PROFAUNA Censured Low Sentence for International Wildlife Dealer

PROFAUNA Indonesia censured the absurdly low sentence given to Basuki Ongko Raharjo, an international wildlife dealer. 

Customs Seized 405 kilograms Pangolin Scales

Customs of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport foiled a smuggling attempt of pangolin scales worth IDR 2.1 billion.

Some Facts Behind Wildlife Trade: Ultimate Cruelty

Around 40% of traded wildlife species die during the process, started from distressing capture, meager transportation, tight cages, and insufficient food

Ban Wildlife Transport by Ship!

PROFAUNA urges the government to issue a regulation prohibiting wildlife transport by ships, without official permit from related authorities.

Police Rescued Smuggled Parrots Stuffed into Plastic Bottles

Police of Tanjung Perak Resort, Surabaya, foiled a smuggling attempt of parrot, which were stuffed into medium sized plastic bottles, from a passenger ship in Tanjung Perak seaport.

Sea Turtles and Eagle Confiscated in West Java

The Natural Resource Conservation Agency of West Java confiscated illegally traded sea turtle hatchlings from Muara Market, Bandung (4/3/2015)


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