Wildlife and Forest Crime

Thousands Birds from Borneo Illegally ‘Flied’ on Motorboats

East Java Nature Conservation Agency (Balai Besar Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam / BKSDA) thwarted a smuggling attempt of 2,711 songbirds from Balikpapan, East Borneo.

Villagers thwart an eagle trafficker on a volcano in Java

A crested serpent eagle was saved from being trafficked on Sunday by residents of Melung, a village on the slopes of the volcanic Mount Slamet

Police Arrested Leopard Cats Huntress

A student of Jember University, named Ida Tri Susanti got arrested by Jember Police Department on Sunday 

Police Found Sunbear Meat Cooked by the Killers!

Three alleged killers of a sunbear whose photo was uploaded on Facebook by a user named Ronal Cristoper were arrested by Kutai Kartanegara (Kukar) Police Department

BREAKING NEWS: Three Alleged Sunbear Killers Arrested!

 Three alleged sunbear killers were seized in Tabang district, Kutai Kartanegara (25/9). The three suspected men, one named Ronal Cristofer, were brought in for questioning by Kukar Police Department.

Wanted: Sunbear Slaughterer in East Borneo

PROFAUNA Indonesia received reports from people regarding a photo of a sunbear killing, posted on Facebook by a user named Ronal Cristoper Ronal


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