Wildlife and Forest Crime

Fight against Tiger Trafficking: Three Dealers Arrested in Jambi

The fight against tiger trafficking is still on. Authorities are working hard to stop poaching and trade of the Sumatran Tiger

Pangolin in Perils: Heinous Myth and Threats

The largest wildlife trafficking involving pangolins took place in 2008 in Palembang, South Sumatera, where the authority seized 14 tons of frozen pangolins from a warehouse. The raid was suspected to be closely connected to other smuggling attempts foiled during that time in Vietnam, as local authorities believed that the pangolins came from Indonesia.

Risa, DVM. Arrested for Trading Wildlife

The extended investigation of Risa Insa F., DVM on her online wildlife trade case has come to a new phase.

Ternate Police Thwarted Smuggling Attempt of 120 Parrots

Police Department, in North Maluku, thwarted a smuggling attempt of 120 parrots in Ahmad Yani Seaport, Saturday

Proboscis Monkey Killers Arrested: We Ate the Monkey

Remember the photo featuring six young men from West Kalimantan holding a Proboscis monkey? They have been have been put in custody, 

Six Proboscis Monkey Killers Identified

The whereabouts of six alleged killers of a Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) who uploaded their photo on a Facebook profile named Adam Usu Fairus on June 2016 have finally been identified.


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