Education of wildlife and forest conservation in Malang, East Java (low cost)

Education of wildlife and forest conservation in Malang, East Java

ProFauna Indonesia gives the wonderful opportunity for anyone to volunteer in the organization.
IT IS FREE. You just need to pay the accommodation fee which is only 200 USD per two weeks. Accommodation includes three-time meal per day and lodging facility in ProFauna's hut. Volunteering activities will be carried out in ProFauna's nature education center called P-WEC (Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center) located in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. For further information about P-WEC, please go to the link

The projects for this low cost volunteering are:

  • Education of Wildlife Conservation
  • Your own program (please discuss first with us)

The activities in these projects will be decided based on your skills and experiences. By becoming ProFauna's volunteer, you will experience to be part of the wildlife conservation works in Indonesia while learning Indonesian cultures and witness its beautiful nature.


  • Above 18 years old
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Stay for minium two weeks volunteering. Volunteer will work 5 days a week with two days off allowing the volunteer to explore the surrounding natures.
  • Pay accommodation fee 200 USD/two weeks at least one month before the project starts.
  • Abide to terms and conditions

Interested in Volunteering with ProFauna? Contact us:


A volunteer will get accommodation including three time meals per day and a lodging facility, 700 meters from P-WEC center. The hut is located in a village by the foothills of Kawi Mountain, East Java. Villagers are friendly and accustomed to foreigners. Most villagers are farmers.

The hut or lodging facility is simple and basic, like most typically traditional Javanese houses in the rural areas. There is electricity (yet, no television nor computer). The hut is a three-bedroom house, one of the bedrooms will be occupied by a ProFauna/P-WEC staff member. Kitchen and bathroom (squat toilet) are very simple and basic.

Meals are traditional Indonesian food. Vegetarian food (Javanese vegetarian) will be served per request. Breakfast and lunch are served at P-WEC's cafetaria and dinner is served in the hut.

Living in the hut at the village will provide interesting experience for volunteers allowing them to interact directly with the local people and learn their traditional habit and cultures.

A volunteer can go on foot (walk) from the hut to P-WEC center (700 meters) and ProFauna does not provide a vehicle but can help the volunteer to arrange a motorcycle taxi during his days off.

Volunteer Activities

The main activity is about education of wildlife and forest conservation (unless the volunteers chooses his ouwn program) including:

  • Production of educational materials: posters, leaflets, puzzles, etc
  • School Visits, the education method in P-WEC is experiential and fun learning.
  • Education for villagers.
  • Assistancy of P-WEC members in running education, outbound (outward bond), adventure programs.
  • Maintainance and development of P-WEC facilities.
  • Other activities to be discussed and agreed by P-WEC.

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