Volunteer at Wehea Forest Protection in Borneo

If you are a true adventurer and have a great interest towards this impressive prostine forest and its wildlife, you will surely like it there

Volunteer Programme for the Protection of Forest, Sea Turtles and Wildlife in East Java

PROFAUNA Indonesia offers a volunteer programme for those who love natural adventures while carrying out forest and wildlife conservation activities.

Eco-tourism Sites Near P-WEC

P-WEC is the main camp to run the volunteering project and activities, located in a village by the foothills of Kawi Mountain, Malang - East Java. P-WEC is 10 kilometers from Malang City, the 2nd largest city in East Java Province. Malang City is known as "Education City" because it has many universities.

Volunteer with Us, PROFAUNA Indonesia!

Indonesia is fourth most bio-diverse rich region in the world and renowned for having beautiful and awesome wild species. Sadly, Indonesia also has the longest list of threatened species in the world. Many are facing extinction.

Education of wildlife and forest conservation in East Java (low cost)

PROFAUNA Indonesia gives the wonderful opportunity for anyone to volunteer in the organization.
IT IS FREE. You just need to pay the accommodation fee which is only 4,500,000 IDR per two weeks. Accommodation includes three-time meal per day and lodging facility in Profauna's hut.

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