Be a Supporter of PROFAUNA Indonesia!

If you really care about forest and wildlife conservation in Indonesia, you should be PROFAUNA's supporter. PROFAUNA now has become a major grassroots movement to protect Indonesian forest and wildlife. It is very easy, you only need to apply and donate IDR 150,000 for membership, and your membership is valid for life!

Who can be PROFAUNA's Supporters?

Anybody who are concerned about the protection of Indonesian forest and wildlife are welcome to be our supporter. Thousands people from all over Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua, and even people from overseas have become PROFAUNA's supporters, from Aceh to Papua. They come from distinct background such as celebrities, workers, reporters, teachers, students, housewife, activists, and many more. Diverse as they may seem, these people share a common spirit and concern to conserve Indonesian forest and wildlife.

They have chosen to support PROFAUNA to channel their awareness towards the important of forest and wildlife conservation because PROFAUNA is a trustworthy and consistent organization working for the protection of forest and wildlife in Indonesia since 1994. With support from thousands of people, PROFAUNA has become the largest grassroots organization in Indonesia is the field of nature conservation.

Why do you need to support PROFAUNA? Find out here:

What can I Get by Joining PROFAUNA's Supporters?

  • You can get PROFAUNA's Supporter Card after joining PROFAUNA Camp. This card is valid for 1 year
  • You will be included on our designated mailing list, where we would share latest information related to forest and wildlife protection, activities, etc.
  • You can attend some programs that involve PROFAUNA's supporters
  • You will be a part of global movement to conserve Indonesian forest and wildlife
  • You can get a discount for our merchandise purchase and events
  • You have the opportunity to become volunteers at our sites in Indonesia

How do I Apply?

You only need to wire transfer your donation (minimum IDR 250,000) and fill in our supporter application form. Please contact to get the form or inquiry.

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