Sea Turtle Campaign

The Revival of Sea Turtle Shell-based Souvenirs in Berau

The rising number of the trade of sea turtle body parts in Berau encourages PROFAUNA to work hard on educating the young people so that they would not buy sea turtle products. 

Students Explore the Islands of Berau to Study Sea Turtle Conservation

Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia took part in a field trip to small islands in Berau regency, which was initiated by the Marine Affairs & Fisheries Service of Berau

PROFAUNA Continues Sea Turtle Anti-poaching Campaign in Bali

Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia has been tirelessly doing sea turtle anti-poaching in Bali, Indonesia since 1999

Sea Turtele Eggs Poaching in Sangalaki Increases by 120 Percent

Illegal poaching of sea turtle egss in Sangalaki Island, Berau regency, East Borneo, Indonesia increases by more than 120% compared to 2013. 

Bilang-bilangan and Mataha Islands: Vital Habitat for the Green Sea Turtle in East Borneo

Each year, 3,000-5,700 Green Sea Turtles come ashore at Bilang-bilangan and Mataha. It is estimated that 800,000-1 million eggs are produced here

Sea Turtles and Eagle Confiscated in West Java

The Natural Resource Conservation Agency of West Java confiscated illegally traded sea turtle hatchlings from Muara Market, Bandung (4/3/2015)


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