ProFauna's Wildlife Rescue Center (PWRC)

ProFauna's Wildlife Rescue Center (PWRC)ProFauna's Wildlife Rescue Center (PWRC) is a sanctuary for the abandoned wildlife, animals which are unable to be released back to the wild because of illness and defects or animals which need special treatment due to cruelties by humans. PWRC is set up to help the government to temporarily shelter the confiscated wildlife from the black market. So often, many confiscation operations held by the government or voluntary hand-over by the public result no appropriate shelter for the animals.

PWRC treats the wildlife passionately. The animals we care for, most are the abandoned ones like the long-tailed and the pig-tailed monkeys or macaques. These primates are not rare animals but they still need good care and treatment because they can suffer like the rare ones if they are abandoned.

PWRC is situated next to ProFauna's wildlife education center called Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) in Malang, East Java. P-WEC is open for public but PWRC is not. PWRC is restricted and not like a zoo which is open for public.

Wildlife in PWRC come from:

  • Human-animal conflicts, for example the escaped pet monkeys which disturb the public.
  • Disaster victims.
  • Confiscated animals by the government and voluntary hand over by the public.

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