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Freedom for sea turtle

Since 15 March 2001, ProFauna officially opened an office in Bali. The setting up was urged by the rampant wildlife problems in the island, especially the illegal trade of sea turtles. ProFauna investigation findings in 1999 showed the high trade of sea turtles there.

Based on the investigation findings, ProFauna held active campaign of sea turtle protection in Bali. Thanks to the support of hundreds of international organizations, ProFauna succeeded in encouraging the police to conduct massive seizure of sea turtles in Bali in 2001. After a decade, the trade has fallen more than 80%.

Despite the drastic decline, the sea turtle trade in Bali still happens secretly. ProFauna records show that the endangered marine species is still smuggled to Tanjung Benoa, a tourism site famous for its water sports. ProFauna has actively encouraged the marine police to hold patrols and monitoring on sea turtle trade in the region. One of the helps was that ProFauna donated 100 millions Indonesia Rupiah (10,000 USD; 1 USD = 10,000 IDR) to the marine police for patrol boat reparation. As a result, between 2001 and 2011, there had been 3,000 sea turtles seized by the police and more than 10 perpetrators prosecuted.

Sea Turtles Field Project on Kuta Beach

From 2002 to 2011, ProFauna Bali Office together with the Kuta Beach Security Guards (locally known as Satgas) had run a sea turtle protection project. The field project included protection of the nesting sea turtle mothers, relocation of the egg clutches to the provided hatchery, and release of the hatchlings or sea turtle babies. During the cooperation, ProFauna had trained the security guards to handle the activities and increase their awareness of sea turtle conservation.

After 10 years working together with the Beach security guards, ProFauna considers that they can work independently to handle the activities of sea turtle protection on Kuta Beach. ProFauna also believes that the achievement of a community development in conservation project is when the community can hold the project independently. Therefore, starting from 2012, ProFauna allows the security guards of Kuta Beach to run the sea turtle protection on Kuta Beach themselves as the organization has succeeded in empowering the local community and improving their skills of sea turtle conservation in their areas.

ProFauna's new spirit and program in Bali


ProFauna Bali will keep continuing wildlife protection in Bali. Starting from 2012, ProFauna's activities in Bali will not only cover sea turtles but also other protected wild animals. However, due to the high trade of sea turtle in the black markets in Bali, sea turtle conservation will always be the main issue of ProFauna's concern in the island.

ProFauna's Bali main activities include:

  • Active law enforcement assistances to deal with the illegal trade of sea turtles and other wildlife.
  • Education to schools and universities about wildlife conservation and animal welfare .
  • Campaign against the illegal trade of sea turtles.
  • Assistance of local people to preserve sea turtles
  • Monitoring of the illegal wildlife trade in Bali.

Celebrities supporting sea turtle conservation

Apart from the support of the local communities, ProFauna have also been supported by famous celebrities: SLANK, Melanie Subono, and Audi. SLANK is the largest alternative group band in Indonesia with more than three millions fans. Melanie Subono and Audi are famous female singers. Especially for Melanie Subono, the rock musician has been actively involved in ProFauna street campaigns, including the wildlife protection program in Bali.

Supportership and Volunteering Programs in Bali

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