Segara Urip and ProFauna Release Sea Turtle Trapped by Fishing Nets


 'Segara Urip' sea turtle conservation group released an Olive Ridley sea turtle which accidentally got trapped by fishing nets in Airkuning Beach, Jembrana Regency, Bali (21/9/2013). The 92 centimeters-long sea turtle was relocated by the local fishermen to Segara Urip, who works under the supervision of ProFauna. After it has been thoroughly checked to make sure about its physical condition, the sea turtle then was released back to the ocean in Yeh Kuning Beach, witnessed by the local authorities and people.

Since 2013, Segara Urip and ProFauna Indonesia have been working together to protect sea turtles in the beaches of Jembrana, Bali. Profaina and Segara Urip agree that sea turtle conservation in Jembrana must and will follow the animal welfare guidelines and wildlife conservation regulation in Indonesia. 

'Segara Ur

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