Forest Campaign

We All Need the Forest!

A group of youngsters stood by the road in the campus of Mulawarman University, wearing orangutan masks. They yelled, "Forest! Forest! Forest!"

Slank and Mathias Muchus Support Ride for Borneo 2014

ProFauna Indonesia's next campaign for the Bornean forest and orangutan, the Ride for Borneo 2014, received many supports from Indonesian celebrities

Riding Across Borneo to Campaign for Forest and Orangutan Protection

Six activists from ProFauna Indonesia will be doing a campaign on forest and Bornean orangutan conservation in a unique way: riding dirtbikes

Six activists of ProFauna Indonesia are ready for our coming program: the Ride for Borneo 2014

Six activists of ProFauna Indonesia, one of whose is a lady, are ready  for our coming program: the Ride for Borneo 2014

ProFauna Announces “Ride for Borneo 2014”

ProFauna Indonesia announces a new program called "Ride for Borneo 2014". This campaign conducted by ProFauna and the International Primate Protection League (IPPL)

ProFauna Supports Tribal’s Anti-Illegal Logging Expedition in Sumatera

This expedition involves a team from the provincial police force of Lampung, Bengkulu, and Brigif 3 Marine Corps will also do patrols to prevent illegal logging in the forests that they pass through.


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