Sea Turtle Conservation Education in the Coast of Berau

PROFAUNA Borneo and Berau Marine Affairs and Fisheries Service have been busy visiting schools in the coast of Berau to educate students about sea turtle conservation.

Reviewing Animal Use on Television Programs with Broadcasting Companies of West Java

PROFAUNA Indonesia's advisory board member, Dr. Herlina Agustin, talked in front of tens of journalists about animal use in television programs in Bandung, l

Now is Young People’s Turn to Tackle Widllife Trade

JAVA - PROFAUNA Indonesia's West Java representatives engaged the youngsters of Cirebon to take an active role in combating wildlife trade

Global Jaya Elementary Students Held Fundraising Event for PROFAUNA

 Students of the 5th grade of Global Jaya School, Jakarta, just held a fundraising event for PROFAUNA Indonesia.

PROFAUNA Talks Animal Welfare at Welfarian Academy

There has been a growing awareness and concern towards animal welfare in our public, especially among the youngsters

When Children around Yang Highlands Learn about Wildlife Conservation

PROFAUNA's activists has been routinely giving education about wildlife conservation at schools around the remote villages.


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