PROFAUNA Opens New Office for Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve Conservation Program

Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia opens a new field office in Baderan village, Sumbermalang district, Situbondo, East Java as a part of the establishment of the Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve conservation program. The field office will surely make PROFAUNA's team work more effectively, because the office will also serve as a basecamp for volunteers who will help by being rangers, conducting educational programs, and also assisting the community development programs.

There are currently only three official ranger personnel in the reserve, which encompasses an area of more than 14,000 hectares. Therefore, PROFAUNA will help protecting the reserve by providing volunteer rangers to aid the official rangers in safeguarding the area that is inhabited by numerous wildlife species.

"PROFAUNA has never been all talk, we take concrete actions by proving rangers to work voluntarily in protecting the forest, just like we do in Wehea forest, East Borneo," claimed Rosek Nursahid, PROFAUNA's founder.

In addition to providing volunteer rangers to protect Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve, PROFAUNA also visit schools around the reserve because education plays a crucial part as a future investment in raising the local people's awareness towards the importance of forest protection.

PROFAUNA has a long history of working in Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve, which began in 2004 when PROFAUNA and the East Java Natural Resource Conservation Agency released several animals, including Javan Langurs, Peafowls, Deer, and Hornbills.

"PROFAUNA takes these efforts very seriously, because Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve is one among few remaining good forest in Java, and it is home to many rare wildlife species," said Rosek Nursahid.

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