Mt. Argopuro Closed for Safety

Mt. Argopuro, which lies within the Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve, is temporarily closed for hikers. The information was announced by Moh. Susiono, the Chief Resort of Natural Resource Conservation Agency in Baderan on Thursday (29/10/2015). The closing is necessary to prevent fires that are often caused by hikers' negligence.

In some nature conservation areas in Java, most fires are suspectedly caused by the negligence of visitors or hikers, such as littering cigarette butts, or ill-disposal of campfires.

PROFAUNA's observation found that the hotspots appearing in the reserve has not reached Cikasur, an area inhabited by many wildlife species. The hotspots are found in Cisentor area.

"Rangers from the Natural Resource Conservation Agency and PROFAUNA have been monitoring the fires for the past few days, and assessing the potential of the fires spreading. We are glad that no wild animals seem to be seriously affected by the fires," said Rosek Nursahid, the founder of PROFAUNA Indonesia who visited Yang Highlands a couple days ago.

PROFAUNA appreciates the decision to close Mt. Argopuro for hikers. "This is for common good, especially as it is totally unsafe for hikers to go up there. It is also good for the reserve itself, because in dry season like this, fires prone to occur due to human activities either deliberate or not," concluded Rosek Nursahid. 


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