BREAKING NEWS: Three Alleged Sunbear Killers Arrested!

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO, TENGGARONG - Three alleged sunbear killers were seized in Tabang district, Kutai Kartanegara (25/9). The three suspected men, one named Ronal Cristofer, were brought in for questioning by Kukar Police Department.

"They were detained in Tabang, 12 hours drive from Tenggarong," said Lt. Handoko, the Chief of Kukar PD, on Saturday (26/9). "They arrived at the station at 17.00. All three of them are currently under investigation."

A few days ago, the people of Kukar got bewildered by a horrific photo of a sunbear being disemboweled by three men. The photo was posted on Facebook by a user named Ronal Cristoper Ronal. He was one of the men in the photo, and on his profile he wrote that he works for the Population and Civil Registration Office of Tenggarong. However, it turned out that it was a scam.

The head of Information and Publication of the office, Hasis Husain, confirmed that there has never been any employee named Ronal Cristofer.

"I checked the employee database, and I did not find any Ronal there," said him. He also tried to check with the other offices in the region, but still could not find any employee under that name.

Kukar PD formed a special team right away, to find the identity of the three men. Handoko assured that the police will do their best to get the sunbear killers into custody. (*)


PROFAUNA Indonesia highly appreaciate Kukar PD's rapid response in solving this case, and also the active participation of everyone who helped in spreading the news and reporting information related to this case.

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