The monkeys in the wildProtection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia is a non-profit organization with a global network, working for the protection of forest and wildlife in Indonesia. PROFAUNA's activities are non-political and non-violent. Established in 1994 in Malang, East Java, Indonesia under the name of Konservasi Satwa Bagi Kehidupan (Wildlife Conservation for Life), the grassroots organization has grown into a national and global scale movement.

PROFAUNA's main programs include campaign, education, investigation, advocacy, and community empowerment.

Indonesia is one of the richest country in term of biodiversity, yet this country also has the longest list of threatened species. Habitat loss and overexploitation are among the major causes  of wildlife extinction. Such condition is further wworsened by the people's lack of awareness towards the importance of nature conservation. The rapid degradation of Indonesia's forest and raging wildlife exploitation conditions then motivated two young activists to establish PROFAUNA Indonesia in 1994.

PROFAUNA's Focus and Policy:

PROFAUNA believes that it is time to focus our programs on six main issues, i.e.:

Combating Widlife Crime

Illegal wildlife trade has become one of the main threats for Indonesian wildlife, coming right after deforestation. Not only it violates the law, but it is also full of cruelty. Most of the traded wildlife are captured from the wild, thus it contributes a lot to their extinction.

Protect the Forest

Forests are not just trees, but also home for wildlife; together, they play a vital ecological role. Rapid deforestation has triggered PROFAUNA to work hard in conserving the remaining forests in Indonesia by involving the active participation of local communities.

Against Wildlife Abuse

PROFAUNA believes that wildlife should not be exploitated for entertainment, pets, hobby, or hunting. Wildlife should be let live in their natural habitat and play their role in maintaining the ecological balance.


PROFAUNA forms volunteer team called PROFAUNA'S RANGER to protect forests and forestall illegal wildlife poaching within conservation areas. We also support community groups who independently initiated their own ranger teams to protect the nature around their localities.

Support Local Community

PROFAUNA also believes that forest and wildlife conservation efforts would never be effecctive without the oarticipation of local communities. Therefore, PROFAUNA encourages local communiities to take active role by supporting them financially, giving trainings, and providing assistance.

Grassroots Movement

PROFAUNA holds a principle that every person has a responsibility to conserve the forest and wildlife. We provide the opportunity for anybody who cares for the conservation of forest and wildlife to join us as PROFAUNA's supporter. We also endorse individual of community actions aimed to protect the forest and wildlife of Indonesia.

PROFAUNA's Principles:

Wildlife issues:

PROFAUNA deems that every wildlife species has a priceless value for the whole ecosystem. That is why all wildlife should be let live in the wild and it is our responsibility to ensure it.

PROFAUNA strongly disagrees with people who claim themselves as "wildlife lover", while they express their love by keeping wild animals in cages as pets. If they really love the wild animals, they should have let them live freely in their natural habitat, not restraining their movement behind the bars. Wildlife would be more meaningful for the natural world and human lives if they could live freely in their habitat.

Forest issue:

PROFAUNA considers that forest preservation would far more effective with the participation of local communities. Forests are not just trees, but inside the forests lies the unique world of numerous wildlife species.The ecological and social importance of the forests must never be disregarded.

PROFAUNA's Objectives:

  • Raise people's awareness towards the importance of forest and wildlife conservation
  • Protect wildlife from exploitation and abuse
  • Increase public participation in nature conservation, particularly in forest wildlife protection

PROFAUNA's Network:

PROFAUNA has established strong and positive network with the International primate Primate League (IPPL), an international organization based in Summervile, SC, USA who specializes its works in primate protection issues. IPPL has been a longtime partner of PROFAUNA in wildlife trade monitoring and protecting Indonesian primates from exploitation.

Since October 1999, PROFAUNA has joined the Species Survival Network (SSN), an international coalition more than of 80 NGOs from around the worls who collaborate to ensure the enforcement of the CITES (an international convention regulating the trade of endangered species). SSN was established in 1992 and the headqurters located in Washington DC, USA.

In addition, PROFAUNA also has a good relationship with several other international organizations such as the Born Free Foundation, SOS Sea Turtles, Turtle Foundation, the Humane Society International, and many more.

PROFAUNA's Supporters

PROFAUNA provides opportunities for anybody who cares for the conservation of Indonesian forest and wildlife to join PROFAUNA's supporters. Currently, PROFAUNA's supporters are all over the country, and even in other countries. Many of them actively conduct independent activities to contribute to forest and wildlife conservation in theior own areas. PROFAUNA's supporters come from various backgrounds like students, teachers, professors, businessmen, civil servants, activists, artists, celebrities, and even housewives.

Despite the various background, all of them share mutual believe and hope to protect Indonesian forest and wildlife from extinction.

"Wildlife can't speak, but we can speak and take action for them"
(Rosek Nursahid, Profauna Indonesia's founder)

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